Hey all!

The SMLT Container sandbox hit 85% capacity recently and is still growing. At this rate, there is no way the sandbox will have any space left in a few months time and it's better to address this sooner rather than later. Recently, I've asked some users to leave, but this doesn't affect the limits as much as I hoped. If you've received one of these messages, I apologize if I came off as too agressive.

Recently, I've closed down new applications, and as an additional measure, I've locked down the creation of new pages. The reason I'm not expanding the site is that the sandbox has now failed at its primary purpose, which is to have an SCP sandbox that is completely open to all users with no application process.

If you have no need for the drafts in the sandbox, great! The site will go read-only soon and will continue to be an archive. Otherwise, the site you contribute to likely has its own sandbox.

Thanks for your understanding,


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